We Offer The Most Extensive Library Of Coding Simulators

We Offer The Most Extensive Library Of Coding Simulators

Highly Scalable, Auto-graded Simulators Designed to Test the Coding Skills of Students and Working Professionals


Get A Comprehensive Coding Environment To Assess Developers, QA Engineers, And Many More Roles

Our State-of-the-Art Coding Simulators Provides a Well-Rounded Overview of Your Candidates


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Codelysis: Backend Simulator

Evaluates candidates experience and capability to solve a problem in any desired programming language.

  • Supports contextual IntelliSense & autocomplete
  • Provides automated and customizable grading
  • Candidates can create their own custom test cases
  • Supports all popular backend technologies
  • Language-agnostic question creation
  • A comprehensive candidate report with complete code journey and plagiarism detector

Supported technologies:

DBLysis: Database Simulator

Evaluates candidates capability to write correct and optimized SQL queries

  • Supports multiple languages
  • Support for multiple datasets
  • Supports all major relational database technologies
  • Provides language-agnostic question creation
  • Provides Automated Schema visualizations

Supported technologies:

FES: Frontend Simulator

Evaluates candidates capability to implement web designs and solve problems using frontend technologies

  • Consists of a minimalistic interface with frames corresponding to editable HTML, JS and CSS fields
  • Helps create test cases to assess candidates exclusively on HTML, CSS & JavaScript concepts
  • Provides better debugging by highlighting JavaScript errors in a console

Supported technologies:

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R: Data Science Simulator

Evaluates candidates analytical & statistical acumen for data analytics roles

  • A fully configurable environment that allows candidates to install relevant libraries and packages
  • Empowers candidates with plots and graphs creation
  • Evaluates candidates on concepts such as correlation and classification
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Supported technologies:

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Code Project: Backend+DB Simulator

Evaluates candidates capability to develop console-based applications

  • Fully functional IDE with a file explorer and code editor
  • Provides in-depth testing of language-specific concepts using built-in test cases
  • Capable of integrating with SQL databases
  • Provides static code analysis to understand the code structure and adherence to standards

Supported technologies:

JavaScript Suite Simulator

Evaluates candidates capability to develop frontend, backend and database applications using JavaScript.

  • A fully configurable environment that allows candidates to install relevant libraries and packages
  • Advanced IDE with file explorer, code editor, and live terminal
  • Provides contextual IntelliSense & autocomplete features
  • Capable of testing web-based APIs
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Supported technologies:

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We Offer Real-time, Insightful Reports And Auto-evaluation Of The Code

Auto Evaluation

Complete Auto-evaluation of the code is done with the candidates code journey

Development Plans

Provides individual development plans with strengths and weaknesses of candidates

Insightful Reports

Provides ready-to-use, highly customizable & insightful reports

Industry Benchmarks

Recommendations based on industry benchmarks

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