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Best in Class Hiring Technology

OPTEVUS is a cognitive intelligence-driven talent management platform that enhances the entire recruiting experience and helps the staffing services value chain by providing job search, algorithmic resume ranking, video screening and interviewing, assessment capabilities, as well as augmented intelligent recommendations.

The system uses state of the art machine learning and data science techniques to automate the tedious and time-consuming process of identifying and connecting business teams with the right talent.

We continue to build strategic partnerships with multiple Vendor Management Systems, Applicant Tracking Systems, Testing Tools and Background Companies to ensure our platform supports the hiring process from initial recruiting all the way through to onboarding. This reduces overall recruitment time for employers while giving them confidence they are hiring the right candidates for open roles.

All these inputs help to make composable business decisions and transform decision making to avoid manual errors and intervention, while improving productivity and reducing recruitment costs.

Best in Class Hiring Technology

  • Equity, Quality and Fairness
  • Candidate and Recruiter Experience
  • Better ROI for Every Hire
  • Reduce Manual Efforts

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